flossing2passtime - an exploration of how increasing the duration of mundane tasks can create opportunities for new sensations and experiences. (2019)

emails-from-mydad - a generator created out of emails from my dad (2017-2019).

theskyisbig - web-poem exploring walking, familiarity, and space. (2019)

twitter bots created using cheap bots, done quick! a service designed by v buckenham.

  • allthelovebot - created while researching for the land of lovecore. text taken from various community threads and group chats I observed or was part of. inactive due to the actions of elon musk. (February 2019-April 2023)
  • namegradient - my first bot! generates a name from a list I curated along with a unique gradient. also inactive due to the actions of elon musk. (June 2018-April 2023)

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